We are very familiar with the traditions of B’nai Mitzvot. We know that this is not just a party; it is a celebration of the Bar or Bat Mitzvah’s religious rite of passage. To become a Son or Daughter of the Commandment, the Bar or Bat Mitzvah works for years learning about their Jewish heritage and what it means to be part of the Jewish faith. They are called up to make aliyah at the bimah, read from the Torah, write and give the D’var Torah speech, create a mitzvah project, and be part of the act of “sacred giving” or tzedakah. However, after all this, the deserving B’nai Mitzvot usually get to rejoice in their accomplishments with all their friends and family. Many families choose to have a grand event recognizing their child’s movement into adulthood. That is often where we come in – we are excellent at showcasing the achievements of our B’nai Mitzvot through festive measures and making it incredibly fun to boot!  

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